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If your AC unit is the heart that pumps cold air into your home, think of the ductwork as the veins that transport that air where it needs to go. Not only do ducts control air distribution throughout your home, but they also keep the indoor air pure. A clogged duct can result in poor air quality or uneven cooling in the home. Most people don’t consider their ductwork until things start going wrong, but properly maintaining your ducts can save you money on emergency repairs down the line.

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Consequences of Poor Ductwork

Ducts carry cooled or heated air throughout the home. Poor insulation can result in a lot of that cooling getting lost as the air heats up in the duct. Even if you don’t have air leaks, poor insulation can cause you to lose 20% of your cooing capacity.

Leaky ducts can make the problem even worse. Not only do leaks cause conditioned air loss, but they also allow unprocessed outdoor air into your home. You wouldn’t leave your windows open while keeping your air conditioning unit running, so why let leaky ducts cost you big bucks in electricity bills?

Not only do duct leaks sabotage your cooling capacity, but they also place a lot of pressure on your AC unit. Your unit has to work significantly harder to produce acceptably cool air, which leads to increased wear and tear. Since your AC works harder, you’ll also notice a dramatic increase in your energy bills, even though your home feels hotter than ever.


Our experts can walk you through every step of the way, from prospected which tailored solution would be best for you, to installing and maintaing it…

Signs You Need Ductwork Repair

Diagnosing whether your AC issues are due to your HVAC system or duct leaks can be difficult. Signs that your ductwork needs repair include:

  • High energy bills: if your AC usage stays the same but your energy bills keep rising, you may have a leaky duct. Duct leaks can result in up to 30% air loss in the system, which means that your AC system must work 30% harder to achieve the same cooling as before. The hotter the summer, the more air you’ll lose and the higher your bills will get.
  • Rattling sounds: if you hear rattling that doesn’t come directly from your AC unit, you may have air leaks or broken ductwork. Ducts should flex and move as needed, but excessive movement is a sure sign of air leaks in the system. It’s unlikely that the rattling will go away on its own, so call in the experts and schedule a visit from your local HVAC technician.
  • Uneven cooling or low air pressure: low air pressure can indicate many HVAC issues, including a clogged air filter, leaks in the air ducts, or a failing AC unit. No matter the reason, addressing it sooner rather than later will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Work with the Best

Properly designed and installed ducts are essential to keep your home during the blazing Tennessee summer. Unfortunately, a variety of issues can affect your ducts and require either repair or replacement.

Unlike other AC repairs, air duct repair and replacement is often time-consuming and expensive. Finding a leak can be challenging, even for the pros, and may involve carefully inspecting your entire home to find it.

That’s why it’s essential to address any potential issues with your air ducts as soon as possible. When you call Green Street HVAC, you can expect high-quality, customer-centric service. Our NATE-certified HVAC technician will do a thorough examination of your HVAC system to diagnose the issue, whether it be a leaky duct or something else.

Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll recommend an air duct repair or replacement, depending on the situation. In some cases, air duct replacement will end up more affordable in the long run, rather than trying to repair a constant problem.

No matter what we recommend, you can rest assured that we’ll conduct the ductwork repair flawlessly. We’ll ensure that your ductwork is properly insulated to prevent heat transfer between outdoor and indoor air, and we’ll address any leaks and tears that may affect your HVAC performance.

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As Springfield residents, we know there’s nothing worse than coming home to a stuffy house and struggling to sleep at night due to humidity and heat. Keeping your HVAC system in top-notch shape improves your quality of life and saves you money on electricity bills.

If you’re looking for a Springfield, TN, HVAC specialist you can trust, look no further than Green Street HVAC. We’ve cultivated a reputation as one of the best in the business, and with good reason. Get in touch with us at (615) 788-4329 to find out what we can do for you!

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