Thermostat Repair And Installation

Thermostat Repair and Replacement

Having a well-functioning thermostat is central to a comfortable home. Is your thermostat old, unpredictable, or maybe just broken? Green Street HVAC is the company to call for thermostat repair and replacement.

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We have locations throughout central Tennessee. Our team of expert technicians will arrive at your door, to identify a problem, perform a repair, or install a new model. Call us any time at 615-788-4329. We’re available 24/7 to meet all of your thermostat needs.

Thermostat Replacement

In many cases, fully replacing an older thermostat is the way to go. Modern thermostats are leagues above manual models in their ability for customization as well as their cost-effectiveness.

Types of Modern Thermostats

  • Digital thermostats:  If you are moving on from a manual thermometer, this is the next step. Digital thermostats allow for a much more precise reading then the manual dial or slider models. Digital thermostats help to maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems and drive down costs.
  • ENERGY STAR thermostats: As their name suggests, ENERGY STAR-certified thermostats are designed with cost in mind. Not only can you save money by using resources effectively, but it also decreases your carbon footprint.
  • Wi-Fi thermostats: With Wi-Fi thermostats, you can control temperature settings with an app on a phone or other mobile device. You can be connected to your thermostat wherever you are, even if you are not home, allowing you to make energy-saving choices from a distance. Some Wi-Fi thermostats can help identify maintenance issues before you notice them, allowing you to get them fixed right on time. Some apps also have the technology to control the temperature in different rooms.
  • SMART thermostats: Many SMART thermostats (which can have some overlap with Wi-Fi thermostats) can analyze the data from previous use of the device to create a system based on your household’s unique routine.


Our experts can walk you through every step of the way, from prospected which tailored solution would be best for you, to installing and maintaing it…

Thermostat Repair

If your thermostat is already in good shape, we do repair services as well. Often, a homeowner may have a hunch something is wrong with their thermostat, but are not able to figure it out themselves. That’s where we come in. Our team of expert technicians can quickly identify the problem.

In many cases, the issue is that the thermostat is not controlling the temperature in the home. Some of the most common causes of this issue are:

  • The thermostat is tilted on the wall
  • It is dirty
  • It is not in an effective location

In any of these situations, your thermostat cannot get an accurate reading, which then prevents it from adjusting to the correct temperature.

Another frequent issue homeowners report is extreme changes in temperature. Temperature fluctuations can stem from a greater problem with your furnace or air conditioner. When treated by one of our technicians, it will be a quick and easy fix.

Of course, if you think your heating or air conditioning is not turning on and off due to thermostat issues, call us to help you with repairs immediately.

Call Us Today 24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week. Call: 615-788-4329

Thermostat Inspection

Even if your thermostat is working well, having it inspected regularly is recommended. Ideally, you should schedule a thermostat inspection at the time you schedule regular maintenance for your heating and air conditioning system. We offer routine inspection services to keep your thermostat in optimal running condition.

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Call Green Street HVAC today for your thermostat repair and replacement needs. As the leading  HVAC repair and replacement service in central Tennessee, we promise to provide professional services at fair prices. Call us at 615-788-4329 today to schedule an appointment.

Call Us Today 24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week. Call: 615-788-4329

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