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When it comes to your home, getting the right air conditioning unit properly installed is a critical piece of the entire puzzle. Whether you’re replacing an old unit or purchasing one for a new home, the installation process of HVAC systems is best left to professionals. If done wrong, you may end up dealing with a malfunctioning unit that’s unreliable. The last thing you want is an AC that isn’t up for the gig in the middle of the sweltering summer months.

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With Green Street HVAC, you can rest assured that your AC will come to your rescue when temperatures start to climb. With everything life throws at you, a poorly installed AC unit shouldn’t be on your docket of things to fix. Our team of dedicated and skilled technicians is more than qualified to install your unit in no time. No matter the complexity, model, or make of your chosen AC system, we have the expertise to install it seamlessly.

The air conditioning installation process isn’t straightforward for the everyday person. It can be tedious and requires a tailored and thoughtful approach. What sets Green Street HVAC apart from other installation services is that we aren’t in a rush. While most HVAC companies focus solely on efficiency, we focus on the details. Our team works efficiently and effectively, leaving no technicality behind. Most importantly, we ensure that your system is operating flawlessly and that you are satisfied by the end of our visit.  Because we deliver meticulous work, the likelihood of having to shell out your hard-earned money on frequent AC repairs is significantly reduced.


Here at Green Street HVAC, we are incredibly familiar with the factors and variables that must be considered for a successful AC installation. We treat every unit and home on a case-by-case basis. Our installation approach depends on the make and model of the AC unit. And we don’t discriminate; we can work with all makes and models on the market. Once we’ve identified the specific features of your unit, we’ll take the appropriate steps for a smooth installation. No matter the specs, we’re up for the job. As the leading HVAC company in the Middle Tennessee region, you can trust that your AC needs are in the best hands.


Our experts can walk you through every step of the way, from prospected which tailored solution would be best for you, to installing and maintaing it…

We know how important well-functioning HVAC systems are to you and your family’s well-being. We offer a variety of helpful services to our communities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Equipment replacement
  • Duct work
  • Complete service and repair capabilities
  • Service agreements
  • Dehumidification and Air Quality Control
  • Air conditioning maintenance programs
  • And More

With our wide range of services and expertise, we’re your one-stop-shop for every HVAC job that needs doing. No matter the reason for an AC installation or replacement, choosing the right professionals pays off in the long run. A soundly installed AC unit helps your home stay cool during summer months. That’s not all, though. Depending on your particular HVAC system, your AC might play a critical role in heating your home during inter months as well. Additionally, your AC system helps control airflow and air quality.

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With all the technology at our disposal these days, there’s no reason you should have to deal with a lackluster, unreliable HVAC system. Green Street HVAC offers state-of-the-art technology to help keep your home the perfect temperature, no matter the size and build of your home.

To further help our clients, we offer thermostat upgrades that can save you time, money, and convenience. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the temperature inside of your home. Thermostats wear out over time, just like any other feature of your home. However, when thermostats get old, it may end up costing you money. From air quality control to your system’s energy expenditure, our new line of thermostat products is worth a look. Our offerings can help you save costs and optimize your AC system. Our team can help you evaluate what product will be most beneficial in your home. That way, you won’t need to second guess your investment.

Lastly, we can install multiple air conditioning units in your home, leading the way to a more comfortable living experience for you and your family. We will work with you to set up your Air Conditioning Zone Modification system to your exact needs. An Air Conditioning Zone Modification system is the latest and greatest HVAC technology on the market. Having such a system in your home effectively allows you to adjust room temperatures all over the house easily. Further, you can address the most popular areas in your home. By targeting these specific areas, you can save significantly on utility spending. You’re cutting out the cost of unnecessary heating and cooling, a win for your wallet and the planet.


The right team of air conditioning specialists customized their services to cater to their client’s unique set of needs. Here at Green Street HVAC, we do just that. Together, we will work to get your home’s HVAC system ready to withstand Tennessee’s seasons. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (615) 788-4329 with any questions and concerns regarding air conditioning installation. If you want to learn more about our other services, feel free to reach out as well. We’re at the ready to help you get started.

Call Us Today 24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week. Call: 615-788-4329

Equipment Replacement
We provide the best value on the highest quality comfort systems for your home or business. We will assist you in selecting the perfect system. After all, practically nothing is more important than your comfort and the quality of air that you breathe.
Complete Service and Repair Capabilities
We specialize in making you comfortable. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Comfort Consultants will personally assess your home or business and provide solutions to keep your system running efficiently.
Duct Work
We will design the ideal duct configuration for your specific comfort system.
Service Agreements
We offer service agreements for obtaining optimum efficiency and performance from your system for years to come.

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