If you’re getting a house built, you’re probably looking for the right air conditioning system to keep the place cool and warm according to the weather. Even if you want to replace your current air conditioning system, you’d prefer an effective, energy-efficient, and reasonably priced setup. This blog will highlight the things to know before buying a new air conditioner.

It might be time for you to upgrade your air conditioning unit before the hottest summer comes. If a cooling appliance is older it would be advisable to make an easy upgrade. Air conditioning consumes 66% of the electricity used by U.S. households annually. A newer model can reduce costs and improve environmental protection.

Hire a Reliable Air Conditioning Company

Hiring a reliable air conditioning company is crucial. Every place needs a good air conditioning system and to get that you need the right people to do the job for you. A central air conditioning system requires a lot of checks before and after installation. Most companies don’t take that seriously. So, you need to hire a good company that can do an error-free job for you. Here are some common issues that you can face if you hire the wrong company:

Warranty Issues

There is a common issue that a homebuyer buys an air conditioner online and has a warranty that is a little more expensive. Why do online stores not deliver on their promises? A good air conditioning company focuses on delivering quality work to the customers.

When you buy an air conditioner from a well reputable company they’ll handle everything from installation to post-installation checks. A 100% guarantee of your satisfaction will be provided with professional HVAC support during installation.

Manufacturer Warranty Not Valid

Although you can buy any name-brand AC from the Internet, many manufacturers do offer no warranty when they sell it online. Too few things can happen without a manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike refrigerators and television screens, air conditioning does not require batteries. The products you select must be carefully selected and adapted to the specific needs of a specific residence.

Damage or Return Issues

Buying AC units from professional air conditioning companies will guarantee the perfect installation of parts in brand-new condition. Unprofessional companies will set up the schedules and send the installation team on-site. Upon arrival, the customer will discover that their product is damaged when sent to the carrier or missing a part.

When you pay a fair amount to install the air conditioning unit you should be pleased with the services.

Energy Efficiency

The Heat Pump is used for heating the air. Approximately half of the energy consumption is spent on heating and cooling our homes according to the US Department of Energy. Consequently, you should check energy consumption before buying any HVAC systems. This is an energy savings system for the whole house.

The energy efficiency of a furnace is measured as the yearly fuel use efficiency. The higher the AFUE numbers, the better the furnace efficiency is. Air Conditioners, however, use seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEERs) to evaluate energy efficiency. The higher this score the higher the energy efficiency of the AC unit is.

Familiarize Yourself With Efficiency Ratings

In determining an AC’s energy efficiency rating the homeowner will need to consider several factors. The unit’s energy efficiency score shows a way of using electricity efficiently to cool your house. During the normal cooling season, an HVAC central cooling unit’s energy effectiveness is measured by SEER.

The higher the SEER, the greater efficient the device becomes. A model with a SEER rating of at least 14 will be available at most companies. When you purchase an AC, look for an Energy Guide label on the AC unit and read the SEER characteristics.

The Service Disconnects

Service disconnects are usually mounted in one or two of the rooms within one or two feet of the condenser. The disconnect is triggered when a power supply has not been switched out during maintenance. It will also be your fuse location. A cooling device usually operates on two 20-240 Volt power from a power supply breaker that is connected by a special battery.

Upon disconnection, the panel’s power is brought to the service disconnect. A fuse protects the unit from potential electrical overloads which can damage the system’s circuitry. If you have a cooling system that has a good disconnect this will not require replacing.

Size, Capacity, and Type

Your HVAC system must have adequate heating/cooling capabilities. Ask HVAC technicians if the system has been reviewed and if is it in the correct dimensions. Heat system capacity is measured in BTU or British Thermal units, which is equal to a heat requirement to increase 1 pound of water.

In the absence of loss from combustion, output capacity measures the amount of gas consumed (which includes loss of gas from burning). If the rating is for a product it must be checked whether it has inputs and outputs.


The system consists of the main components which operate in its outdoor position. Its major function is to diffuse the heat of the home and to condense the gas into a liquid to allow it to return to the evaporators.

The condensing unit is constructed with large coils, compressor fans, and other smaller electrical devices on the panel. The scrolling compression system also possesses good ratings. Although today’s AC units use 410a, a couple of R-22 units exist. Don’t buy the R-23 unit.

The Evaporator Coil

It is the second largest piece in an air handling unit or furnace. Although this coil doesn’t contain any mechanical parts, its purpose is important. The device controls the temperature of the Heating unit to the coil from the condenser and immediately begins to heat. Since furnaces overheat when temperatures are low. The cold surface absorbs the heat from air passing through the coil.

The Thermostat

It’s pretty easy to learn about thermostatic equipment. Probably time for upgrading. The mercury statistics are inaccurate and outdated. Using digital thermostats can help improve comfort for both you and your family in varying ways. Besides putting the stat into your computer, it would be incredibly useful if it’s programmed to shut down when the optimum temperature has been acquired.


Here are some commonly asked questions about air conditioning units:

Who Should Install Air Conditioning?

Only EPA-certified air conditioning experts can install your air conditioning unit. In particular, air conditioning systems, and higher EPA standards influence the performance and durability of the units installed. The CFCs in air conditioners are harmful to your health and they are highly hazardous to your safety. Extreme burn injuries occur when a person is directly interacting with these elements.

Should I Replace My 20-Year-Old Air Conditioner?

A typical HVAC system will typically live between 14 and 20 years but the efficiency will decrease as the system ages. Ideally, replacing your air conditioner with an efficient unit would help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Which AC Unit Is the Most Reliable?

There is no particular answer to this question. It all depends on your requirements and how much you want to spend on your air conditioning unit. For instance, if you wish you get a bigger unit for your house, then that’s completely your decision to make. However, choosing the right company to buy from has a major impact on your purchase. You don’t want your money to go to waste, so conducting the proper research before any purchasing decision is the best way to go.


Buying an air conditioner is a big decision to make. It’s big because it’s long-term and you want to get something that’s cost-effective and also keeps paying off over the years. Following a salesman’s recommendation might prove to be good for your purchase but not always. All of this is changing. A major investment requires obtaining enough knowledge to do so. In the end, you’re going to be the one who will have to pay for the unit’s maintenance and every other expenditure that comes with it.

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