Our Reviews

While we could talk all day about how our services will help you, we prefer to let our satisfied customers do the talking…

“Bryce installed a split home ac unit in my home and did an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable and reliable!”

—David Fuller

“Bryce came out to the house today to replace the compressor in my AC unit. Showed up on time and had the AC up and running quickly! I highly recommend Green Street. Pricing and value right on point! I will recommend to everyone”

—Dan Duval

“My HVAC was not working and I called Green Street to come check it out. The technician was on time, and he quickly figured out the problem. I have used other companies before, but I think Green Street’s pricing was great. The technician really knew what he was talking about as well. I will definitely use them in the future and suggest that anyone in the Nashville-Clarksville area should use them as well.

—Michael C.

“What a great company. Everyone I spoke to was super nice and of the three companies I called, Green Street was the only one willing to come out and fix my problem the same day, which just so happened to be no heat on the coldest day of the year so far. He wasn’t able to fix the problem as he didn’t have the part in his truck, but he did tell us exactly what to get from Lowe’s, and promised to come back the next day if that didn’t fix our problem. Thankfully, it did.”

—Naomi S.

“Very professional service, Bryce is reliable and very knowledgeable about home ac repair and installation. He installed a split ac system in my home and did an excellent job!”

—David F.

“They bid out replacing an H.V.A.C. unit for me. Out of twelve bids, they came in at one of the best bids. I addition, they bid on a more efficient unit…(16 seer vs. 12). Christina was quick to return calls, make recommendations and helped me to choose this company. Bryce scheduled installation at 10:00, and arrived at 10:00. He spent the day installing the unit, there was an issue with mating the unit to the existing duct work. He took the time to make it right, extra time insulating the unit, and refused to take a break, until the job was done. Cleanup was great and the unit was installed within five days of my first looking into replacing the unit. On a scale of 10….a strong 10.”

—Stephen S.