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When your air conditioner isn’t working, the first thought is typically, “how quickly can I get this fixed?,” especially in the heat of the summer. If you’ve checked all the typical things you can do when your AC isn’t working and haven’t located the solution, it’s time to call a professional AC repair company to help get your home or office environment back up to speed. Green Street HVAC knows that when your unit suddenly decided to stop working that your top priority is remedying that situation and getting your space cool and comfortable again quick.

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you can trust your AC repairman to provide quick and quality service at a reasonable price. Our business is built specifically to the needs that are most important to you, our Tennessee customers. We recognize that you want a personable technician who can arrive quickly and help accurately determine the cause of your broken unit. You want to know as quickly as possible how much it’s going to cost to get your air conditioning unit repaired and you definitely don’t want to wait any longer than you have to to get your AC working again. Green Street HVAC focuses on these key areas of service, working hard to bringing you the best air condition repair experience in Springfield, TN.


Equipment Replacement
We provide the best value on the highest quality comfort systems for your home or business. We will assist you in selecting the perfect system. After all, practically nothing is more important than your comfort and the quality of air that you breathe.
Complete Service and Repair Capabilities
We specialize in making you comfortable. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Comfort Consultants will personally assess your home or business and provide solutions to keep your system running efficiently.
Duct Work
We will design the ideal duct configuration for your specific comfort system.
Service Agreements
We offer service agreements for obtaining optimum efficiency and performance from your system for years to come.

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AC Repair–Your first step to getting your air conditioning working again

Replacing an AC unit can be expensive, but it’s not always the answer. Before you make the decision to get a new air conditioning unit, you’ll want to work with a company you trust to properly diagnose why your AC isn’t working. There are many things you can do to fix your heating and air that don’t involve replacing your AC unit. As part of our initial visit, we’ll make sure to check all the potential causes and give you an accurate and honest explanation of the case to help you better explore your options and make an educated decision. Knowing that AC repair costs can be sudden and unexpected, we take your wallets into consideration, aiming to fix your AC problems as quickly as possible at a cost that is competitive in the marketplace.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

In Tennessee, air conditioning systems are more of a necessity than a luxury in our homes and businesses. Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade an existing system, or add an additional unit to your home or business, Green Street HVAC can offers a variety of options that cater to your comfort and budget requirements. Most systems operate with two units; an indoor air handler unit and an outdoor condensing unit. Green Street HVAC carefully selects air handlers and condensers that will work best together to provide you with a maximum efficiency system that will last. Green Street HVAC offers a variety of systems including, but not limited to:

  • High Efficiency Heat Pump Systems
  • High Efficiency Straight Cool Systems
  • Mini Split Systems (including ductless)
  • Portable Units
  • Mobile Home Units
  • Packaged Systems

Upgrade your thermostat to save money

Your thermostat isn’t just a place to control your temperature. It operates as the brain to your air conditioning and heating system working to detect and allow you to control temperature and humidity settings in order to make decisions about when the best time to be running your heating or AC system is. If you’re controlling your home or office AC with an older thermostat, you may be experiencing unnecessary costs. Upgrading your thermostat is an economical way to help you manage your energy costs and air quality control.

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Multiple Zones for comfort and efficiency

Zoning your home or office is a budget friendly way to reduce energy costs and increase your comfort. With the latest technologies, you can use multiple zones to craft an environment that fits your needs. Adjust rooms to different temperature settings to accommodate frequently used areas and help cut costs. Green Street HVAC can assist you with an Air Conditioning Zone Modification that give you the comfort you want without the increase in energy consumption associated with cooling your entire house.

Dehumidification and Air Quality Control

Dehumidification is an especially important ally to us Tennesseans. An elevation in humidity levels can create condensation, leaving the air and your belongings damp. On top of being uncomfortable, excessive humidity can lead to secondary problems like mold growth, wallpaper pealing, condensation pan overflow, electronics malfunctioning and damage to hardwood or laminate floors.While outside humidity in our state is inevitable and non damaging, keeping the humidity levels in your home low is very important. This helps improve indoor air quality, breathability and ensure that your belongings remain in good condition. Thankfully, humidity levels can be controlled throughout your home or business with a simple setting on your thermostat paired with an Air Conditioning system designed to remove humidity.

Just like good food and clean water, it’s important to consider the air that we consistently breathe. Indoor AC and air quality control units can help with the improve the quality of the air in your home. Green Street Air Conditioning & Heat has assembled a variety of indoor air quality control solutions for your home including, but not limited to:

  • 5″ HEPA
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Media Filters
  • Electrostatic Filters
  • Electronic Ultra Violet Air Treatment

Air Conditioning Maintenance Programs

Maintaining your air conditioning system is vital. Systems that do not receive regular maintenance break down more often, operate less efficiently and increase repair costs. What can you do to maintain your air-conditioning system? Regularly changing your air filter is one of the most important factors to maintaining air quality and keep your air flowing smoothly. You’ll also want to have a professional AC repair company check your system annually for general maintenance, helping to catch a potential problem before it before it starts. With Green Street’s trained eye and thorough maintenance inspections help save you time and money in the long run, without having to experience uncomfortable AC outages. Because we know that not everyone wants to think about maintaining their AC unit, we’ve put together some simple air conditioning maintenance programs to help you save money in the long haul.


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