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clean your air ducts regularly

How to Clean Your Air Duct?

If you don’t clean your air ducts regularly, they can become clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris. This can cause your heating and cooling system to work harder than necessary, and it can also lead to a number of health problems. With all the benefits of regular home air duct cleaning, it’s definitely worth your time to schedule this service.

With so many different ways to clean your air ducts, it’s important to choose a method that will be effective without damaging your ducts. One popular method is to use a powerful vacuum with a brush attachment. This will remove most of the debris from your ducts, but it’s important to be careful not to damage the ductwork itself.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Air Ducts?

Cleaning your air ducts is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. When your ducts are clogged, your system has to work harder to move air through them. This uses more energy and can end up costing you more money on your utility bills. Additionally, air duct cleaning can improve the air quality in your home.

Dust, dirt, and other allergens can build up in your ducts and be circulated through your home every time your HVAC system is turned on. This can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. Finally, regular air duct cleaning can extend the life of your HVAC system by preventing damage to the ductwork.

How Often Should You Get Air Duct Cleaning

There are a few things you can do to help prolong the need for air duct cleaning. First, make sure your HVAC system has a good filter. This will help to trap dust and other particles before they have a chance to enter your ducts. Additionally, be sure to dust and vacuum your home frequently. This will help to keep the amount of debris in your ducts to a minimum.

It also depends on what type of air ducts you have and how many people are in your home. If you have an older home with asbestos ducts, for example, you will need to get them cleaned more often than someone who lives in a newer home. Most experts recommend getting your air ducts cleaned at least once a year, but it’s a good idea to speak with a professional about the best schedule for your home.

How To Clean Your Air Ducts

There are a number of ways to clean your air ducts, but not all of them are effective or appropriate for every situation. The best way to clean your air ducts will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of ducts you have, the amount of debris they contain, and your budget.

One popular way to clean air ducts is to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. This will remove most of the debris from your ducts, but it’s important to be careful not to damage the ductwork itself.

Check for any leaks in the ducts and seal them with duct tape as these leaks can cause the system to work harder and use more energy. If you don’t take care of the leaks, they will only get worse over time and eventually require a full duct overhaul. Also, check the cooling coils and make sure they are looking alright.

Dispose of any debris that you remove from your ducts in a safe and responsible manner. Never dump it down the drain or in your trashcan, as this can cause serious environmental problems.

Seal off any openings to your ducts that lead outside of your home, as this will prevent new debris from entering the system. Then clean off all the surfaces around the ducts so that new dust and dirt don’t have a chance to accumulate.

Finally, install new filters in your HVAC system and make sure they are the right size for your ducts. This will help to keep the air in your home clean and free of allergens and other contaminants. Sanitize the entire duct system with a powerful disinfectant to kill any mold, mildew, or bacteria that may be present.

Another option is to hire a professional air duct cleaning service. This is generally the most well-thought option, but it’s also the most effective. A professional will have the tools and expertise necessary to clean your ducts without damaging them.

What Problems Can Dirty Air Ducts Cause?

Dirty air ducts can cause a number of problems, both for your HVAC system and for your health. First, they can impede the efficiency of your HVAC system, leading to higher utility bills. Additionally, they can circulate dust, dirt, and other allergens throughout your home, triggering allergies and respiratory problems. Finally, they can cause long-term damage to your HVAC system, eventually requiring a full replacement.

Your Heating and Cooling System Can Be Affected

Dirty Air Ducts can circulate dust, dirt, and other allergens in the indoor air throughout your home triggering allergies and respiratory problems. Poor air quality inside your home can also cause your Heating and Cooling System to work harder and use more energy. To keep your family safe and healthy, and to keep your Heating and Cooling System running its best, have your air ducts cleaned regularly.

When choosing a method for cleaning your air ducts, it’s important to consider the type of ducts you have, the amount of debris they contain, and your budget. With so many different options available, you’re sure to find a method that will work for you. We suggest always hiring professional air duct cleaners.

Some Final Words

By now you must know the importance of air duct cleaning and the problems that dirty air ducts can cause. Not only are they a health hazard, but they can also lead to higher utility bills and long-term damage to your HVAC system. The best way to avoid these problems is to have your air ducts cleaned regularly.

Green Street HVAC provides top-quality ductwork and air duct cleaning services. We are a locally owned and operated business and we take pride in our workmanship. All of our technicians are extremely skilled and have all the right air duct cleaning tools for the job. Contact us today for a free estimate on air duct cleaning or any of our other services.

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Signs You Need Ductwork Repair

Signs You Need Ductwork Repair: Can Your Air Conditioner Be Damaged by Poor Insulation?

If you’re not sure whether or not your ductwork needs to be repaired, there are a few signs that will tell you. One of the most common is that while your air conditioner is running it feels less cold than usual. This can happen because insulation around the pipes isn’t doing its job, and heat from outside can sneak in and make things hotter inside before it’s blown out by the fan.

Another sign of poorly insulated ductwork would be rust on the pipes. If these sound like issues that may have been happening for some time now, then you should contact a professional ductwork repair technician to look at your HVAC system as soon as possible!

What Is Ductwork Repair?

Ductwork repair is the process of fixing cracks, leaks, and other issues that may be causing your HVAC system to not work properly. There are a variety of signs that you might need ductwork repair in order for your air conditioner to function at its full potential.

Only well-trained HVAC technicians can really get this job done perfectly, though. So you need to be careful about who you hire for this job.

Ductwork repair should be done both to ensure your HVAC system is working properly and also because poor insulation in the duct sealing can cause substantial damage to the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning components of your home’s cooling system as well!

When it comes time for ductwork repair services, contact only the most professional and certified HVAC company.

Signs That You Need Ductwork Repair

There are some signs that you can spot to determine if you need ductwork repair. If your air conditioner is working, but it’s not as effective at cooling your home, then this could be because the insulation in your ducts has deteriorated and needs to be replaced or repaired. The damage from a poor-quality installation can over time manifest itself through reduced airflow capacity of the HVAC system.

Some signs of air duct repairs are:

You’re Noticing a Drop in Temperature

When the furnace or air conditioner is on and the temperature is still not set according to the thermostat, it means you’re heating and cooling system needs ductwork repair.

Warm spots or dead spots in your house are also a sign of the wear and tear caused in the ducts.

Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

If your furnace is blowing cold air, this could be a sign of ductwork repair. The problem may not just be with the thermostat and it’s time to get out those tools again. It is recommended to get ductwork repair if you suspect something is wrong with your air conditioning and heating system.

In the summer, it can overheat due to inefficient cooling; in the winter, the problem is that does not heat properly because of insufficient venting. In both cases, poor insulation leads to condensation buildup between wires or inside coils.

There’s an Unpleasant Smell Coming From Your Vents

If you smell a strange and unpleasant odor coming from your vents, this might be a sign of ductwork repair. Poor insulation can cause the buildup of condensation which leads to mold or mildew growth in and around the coils.

Insulation also inhibits airflow and causes more strain on your system, leading to higher energy costs.

The Blower on Your Furnace Isn’t Working Properly

If your blower is not working properly, this could be a sign that you need ductwork repair. A clogged filter or duct leakage will make the airflow less efficient and increase energy costs.

Air Ducts Not Working Properly

Air ducts are used to deliver the cool or warm or conditioned air from the air conditioner or furnace to the far corners of your home. If they have leaks and are not insulated, this will lead to wasted energy and a higher utility bill.

If you turn the temperature on your thermostat to a level that is not comfortable, it could be time for ductwork repair. This indicates problems with insulation or airflow and if left unchecked will lead to mold contamination in the home.

You Notice Mold or Water Damage on the Ducts

If you had no idea that these systems even needed repair.  Insulation needs to be replaced every five years and ducts need to be cleaned annually or when you notice mold on the inside of your air vents.

You don’t think about them until they stop working properly, but it’s important for homes in humid climates like Florida. Mold and mildew can grow on ducts without proper air circulation, which will cause the HVAC system to work harder and eventually break down.

It’s also important for homes in dry climates where there isn’t enough humidity but a humidifier can help regulate temperature.  Insulation needs to be replaced every five years and ducts need to be cleaned annually or when the season is about to change.

HVAC System Is Not Working Properly

Is your HVAC system working harder than usual? Does it feel hot inside at night even though the temperature is set to a lower setting or fan on low?  If yes, then you might need ductwork repair.  When airflow isn’t properly regulated in the ducts, this often leads to poor insulation and air quality.

How to find Air Duct Repair Companies

It can be difficult to find the right ductwork repair company to help you.  If your HVAC system is unusual, it might be difficult for them to come up with a solution without examining the inside of your house or installing equipment on-site in order to diagnose what’s wrong.

There are ways that you can find these companies through online listings, review websites, and even by searching your local area.


Whether you’re noticing the air doesn’t seem as cold when your AC is running like it used to, or that there are strange noises coming from inside of your ducts, these could be signs that they need repair. We know how frustrating this can be and we want to help! Contact Green Street HVAC today for all of your ductwork repair & HVAC needs.

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