Do you want to save money on your heating bills? If so, then you should be looking at ways to make your heating system more efficient. Properly maintained and tuned-up heating systems can reduce the amount of energy needed for a comfortable temperature in a room by as much as 20%. In this blog post, we will discuss 6 tips that will help increase the efficiency of your home’s heating system and help save energy!

#1) Check The Filter

Check the filter on your heating system to ensure that it is clean. If you don’t replace a dirty filter, then airflow will be restricted and this can cause problems with your furnace or boiler as well as increase energy bills. Your HVAC professional can recommend a replacement schedule for filters based upon how often they need cleaning or replacing under normal conditions.

#2) Maintain The Temperature

Keep your thermostat set to a comfortable temperature. If you notice that it is frequently too warm or cool in various parts of your home, then this may be due to areas where there are frequent drafts. These drafts are often caused by problems with ventilation and insulation throughout the house. Have an HVAC professional check your heating system to ensure that it is running efficiently and not wasting energy or blowing out heat.

#3) Ensure Proper Ventilation

Make sure there are no leaks, gaps, or cracks in the house’s weatherstripping around doors and windows. These can cause drafts throughout your home which reduce its efficiency by allowing cold air inside. It is also recommended that your home’s ventilation should be checked to make sure there are no blockages in the return or supply vents.

#4) Do a Duct Check

Make sure all of the air registers throughout the house are open and not blocked by furniture, drapes, etc. If they are closed, then cold air will escape into other rooms instead of heating the room that you are in. Also, all supply and return ducts should be checked for any leaks or gaps which can cause a loss of heated air.

#5) Replace Your Furnace Filters

You should be replacing the filters in your furnace every other month. Sometimes, if you have pets or live in a dusty area this may need to be done more often. If the filter is not replaced regularly then airflow will become restricted and cause problems with heat distribution throughout your home. This can also lead to an increase in energy bills as well since

#6) Increase Insulation

Insulating your home’s walls will help to retain heat inside the house instead of allowing it to escape through them. You may want an HVAC professional to come and check your insulation levels for you as well as assist in implementing any changes that may be needed.

Also, make sure the attic has proper ventilation so cold air doesn’t accumulate there. Attic vents can also help keep moisture from building up inside of your home which is a problem especially during colder months when windows are closed!

Final Words

If you implement all of these tips to increase the efficiency of your heating system, then you should be able to save money on your energy bills and keep a more consistent temperature throughout the house.

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